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The ultimate attachment sending- and receiving-service to replace email attachments with a more reliable and secure way.

eParcel is something new in ever growing need to pass files and attachments between people via Internet.  It is secure and multilingual, you can add your branding and connect to your current user management system. Files are held on server only short time period selected by sender and then self-destructed, so you don't need to worry where your company's secrets are.

Secured sending and receiving
Less problems with email account sizes
Less traffic in company's internal network
Password protected eParcels
eParcels automatic expiring
Automated Virus-scanning of eParcels
Advanced reporting of eParcels usage
Pricing according to usage: user based / enterprise


eFleet is a Tyre Management System with elements of Fleet Management to produce necessary relationships of tyre positions and measurements into tyre- and position placed projections.

Complete overview of your Fleets' Tyre Maintenance
eFleet is a Tyre Management System with elements of Fleet Management which combines tyre positions and tread measurements into dedicated tyre and position based forecasts.

Tyre Telemetrics for advanced information
eFleet has an powerful engine to combine manual, semi-automatic and automatic means into one unified user experience with online TMPS information enriched by position tracking and selected driving events.

Benefits of eFleet
With eFleet Tyre Management you will have online data to manage following: Pre-scheduled tyre maintenance, Optimised tyre usage, Minimized unplanned tyre-related breakdowns and have all the data to choose the best suited tyres for your transporting needs.

With all this you will achieve remarkable savings in tyre-wearness, have better fuel economy, control the spare tyre stock and increase your fleets’ road safety factors.

Tyre Management
Multiple source - one view
Breakdown service
Be in control of tyre costs


Safetypass.EU is a know-how and competence management platform.  We help to create unique ways to transform organizations requirements into need for personnel of know-hows.  Person gets the management of courses, competences and skills combined with trainers and organizations powerful toolsets into Learning Accounts.

Platform combines individual's actions into Learning Account that he/she can then manage and share as desired. Individual owns personal data and has the control over it.  With consents employers can ask to get the data for their usage.

Safetypass.EU - benefits for Organizations

    * transparency into personnels' skills, supervisor views
    * requirement based monitoring to job titles, locations or projects
    * possibility to create horisontal teams and their competence requirement mapping
    * comptenece requirements based on business need can be modelled into platform to produce GAP-analyses of assosiated persons
    * persons' competences flow in and out of organizations rules / requirements
    * integrations to eLearnings and blended learnings
    * knowledge training is an investment to human capital: which is calculated realtime in Safetypass.EU
    * comprehencive reporting; completed training, ending accomplishments, GAP-analysis, ageing and so on...

Safetypass.EU - benefits for trainers

    * get a full digital training management solutions and integration into competence management
    * course-tray for marketing your open trainings/courses
    * course registration and feedback in one package
    * show your courses on your own website
    * course history, no more missing participation lists
    * competences with validity in automated monitoring, contact easily organizations in need for training
    * course attendeed have an option to create a Safetypass Learning Account for themselves
    * trainers' own competences can be shown for the orderer to ensure quality and validity

Safetypass.EU - benefits for individuals

    * personal Learning Account, valid courses/competences and course history
    * dynamic-CV
    * possibility to secure sharing of one's competences
    * digital wallet of completitions, no move papers or platics needed
    * real-time validities of your competences
    * GDPR compliant, you own your data; you control your data (MyData)
    * MobileAPP with true dynamic competences
    * Logging, you see who has watched your data.

SafetyPass.EU -platform

Safetypass.EU-platform is available for you via many routes; get in contact to Redicom Oy or use premium trainers service near you who offers the management from Safetypass.EU platform.

Safetypass.EU-website can be located from https://www.safetypass.eu.

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