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Project Management

Are you in a need to get your project manager to hold on to your goals against vicious service management houses and integrators ?  We have the best experts to represent your interests in projects.

Our project managers can help you in Finnish, English or French.


Our consults have a long history in solutions from biometric passports to certificate based banking solutions to process management and to identity management.

We have the knowledge on the best practices and what is the most suitable for customers based on existing environment. We have the skills, mindset, tools and experience for creative destruction - to be able to create something new to replace the old.

When the project includes strategic thinking, we are the ones for you.

Cloud Services

We offer cloud services from Finland/Nordics/Europe - one of the most secure places for data centres in the whole world. Our privacy laws guarantee that you can decide yourself who has access to your data. 

Whatever your solution need is, we will take care of proper monitoring and management of the technical infrastructure and centralised user management.  On top of all this, we can provide state of the art access management and single sign-on solutions.

We prefer open source technologies and container based environments to provide you low costs with high scalability. We choose tailor made solutions over generic software to find perfect match your needs.

Software Development

Whether you are targeting to mobile, web, desktop or all of them, we can provide you high-quality software development. Supported platforms at the moment are iOS, Android, OSX, Win10 and the web.

Redicom's seven-step development model:

1. Project plan

Even when using agile methodologies some planning is needed before we can start the project. We can help sparring your idea to the next level and then plan the steps from concept to final product.

2. Wireframing

We do wireframes of all the pages in your application with different target systems and provide commenting and annotating in the web-based interface.

3. UI design

Once the wireframes are finished, our graphic designer will create the final application layout, and it's provided again for commenting and annotating.

4. Milestone and issue management

When the design is ready, we will set up the milestones for application development and provide an issue management platform to follow up and direct the development.

5. Automatic testing

We trust in test driven development to make sure the quality of all released code is in best possible level.

6. Continuous integration

Deployment of new versions is done completely automatically so we can easily and rapidly release new features to production.

7. Performance and error monitoring

The easiest way to get happy users to your application is to make sure it's performing well. Users don't like to wait, and they hate to see errors on software. With our monitoring tools, we can be sure your application is always responding fast, and errors get fixed quickly.

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Other cases


Lemminkäinen - a strong player in the construction market

Nokian Tyres : Dealer Portal Access Solution

Nokian Tyres employs over 4,000 people. We share solid faith in our competence and skills, confidence in finding answers together, respect for hands-on hard work. We never give up. This is what we call the Hakkapeliitta Spirit.

Senaatti - kiinteistöt

Senaatti-kiinteistöt on valtiovarainministeriön alainen liikelaitos, joka toimii valtionhallinnon kumppanina kaikissa työympäristö- ja toimitila-asioissa.


We are building a sustainable future based on versatile use of renewable wood biomass. Rooted in responsibility – driven by innovation.

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